New Release! “Fireworks” by Janet McLaughlin

Absolute Love Publishing is thrilled to announce the exciting release of “Fireworks,” the second book in the Soul Sight Mysteries series by middle-grade author Janet McLaughlin. Dreams aren’t real. Psychic teen Zoey Christopher knows the difference between dreams and...

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Getting To Know Psychic Teen Zoey Christopher

Absolute Love Publishing YA author Janet McLaughlin dishes on talented teen character Zoey Christopher, psychic abilities, and “Fireworks,” the upcoming second novel in the Soul Sight Mysteries series. Q: What inspired your Soul Sight Mysteries series? How did the...

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Getting To Know The Adima Chronicles Characters

What’s better than books and cupcakes? Books, cupcakes, and more info on the fantastic four from The Adima Chronicles! In his latest interview, YA author Steve Schatz dishes on the teens and gives a sneak peek into the exciting adventures found in his new book, “Adima...

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Getting To Know New Author: Meredith Ethington

Absolute Love Publishing welcomes Meredith Ethington to its publishing house. Meredith is a mom of three and the writer and creator of the popular parenting blog, Perfection Pending. She is a born-and-raised Texan who loves real talk and laughter, mixed with a little...

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Using Books as a Stepping Stone to Exploration

Author Guest Post for Unleashing Readers by Steve Schatz, Author of “Adima Rising” and “Adima Returning” in The Adima Chronicles  A good book serves as a stepping stone to further explorations. Before I wrote The Adima Chronicles, I spent many years teaching teachers...

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Chakra Awareness

Have you been experiencing physical symptoms that you can’t explain easily? Are you feeling fatigued or drained? Are you in pain? It could be an issue with your chakras. Chakras can become blocked. When the energy from our chakras is not able to flow freely, our...

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Create What You Really Want Financially

Are you ready to make your financial dreams a reality? Join Caroline A. Shearer as she discusses why it is important to Raise Your Financial Vibration on the Get Unstuck Speaker Series with Denise Barry. Shearer says, “No matter what we are doing on the physical...

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Not Your Typical Diet Book

Michelle Hastie, author of “The Weight Loss Shift: Be More, Weigh Less,” wins over another reader and receives a five-star book review! “The Weight Loss Shift is not your typical diet book: in fact, there are no recipes or food plans between its covers! Instead, think...

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20 Kindness Ideas Big On Heart, Little On Cost

Random Acts Of Kindness Week is here! While we strive to live a kind life every day, the designated week of February 12th through 18th is a great opportunity to saturate the world with extra love and kindness. May the 20 kindness ideas below inspire you to add an...

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Your Body Is More Than Meets The Eye

Ever wonder why you gain weight in a specific area? Do you experience symptoms that seem to have no cause? Can your body feel better than it currently does? In the min-e-book™ “The Chakra Secret: What Your Body Is Telling You,” top-ranked author Michelle Hastie...

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Replace Old Thoughts With New Thoughts

Ready to feel body acceptance and release body image issues? Want to understand your body’s natural wisdom and reconfigure your subconscious weight programming for the “true you” in 2017? Discover a healthier inside that radiates to your outside with the “The...

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Haunted Echo Receives Rave Reviews!

Readers are loving “Haunted Echo,” the first book in Janet McLaughlin’s Young Adult series, the Soul Sight Mysteries! Described as “fun” and “well-crafted,” the book showcases McLaughlin’s love of mysteries and the mystical and easily entertains. Check out what...

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Steve Schatz Author Q&A

Steve Schatz, author of the YA fantasy adventures “Adima Rising” and “Adima Returning,” recently sat down to chat characters, writing, and more with the U.K.’s Library Of Erana blog. Here’s what he had to say about the Adima message and his top tip for new...

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New Release! Young Adult Mystery Haunted Echo

Absolute Love Publishing is thrilled to announce the arrival of our newest Young Adult novel, “Haunted Echo” by Janet McLaughlin, who has crafted a destination mystery that will sweep readers away with its exotic locale, vibrant characters, paranormal adventure,...

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