Never forget your favorite podcasts again! These journal pages for podcast listeners will help you keep track of your favorite episodes, hosts, and topics. Most importantly, Podcast Journal will help you remember the important takeaways for your own life. With an easy-to-follow format, you’ll bring the best of the podcast world into your own in no time!

  • Podcast and Venue Organizer
  • Episode Tracker
  • Weekly and Monthly Calendars
  • Journal Pages for Shortform Podcasts, Longform Podcasts, and Fiction Podcasts

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“This podcast journal serves as a valuable tool for a personalized and enriching journey. From insightful interviews to those laugh-out-loud moments, it offers a structured yet personal way to document episodes that leave a lasting impression. The thoughtful sections prompt you to jot down key takeaways, memorable quotes, favorite moments, and reflections, creating a personalized archive of the podcasts that resonate with you. Each page becomes a cherished keepsake of your podcasting journey, allowing for memory preservation, reflective practice, sharing recommendations, and much more. Over time, these podcast journals become a treasure trove of memories, creating nostalgic journeys through listeners’ podcasting history.”

Tina Spoletini

Confidence in Bloom Podcast Host

“I am super excited to share Candace Gish’s newest book, Podcast Journal. A fabulous journal to keep record of the podcasts you watch, along with adding comments about the show. This book is conveniently created to give you a one-stop place to keep track of all your favorite podcasts. Podcast Journal is a great gift to share with others that enjoy listening to numerous podcasts.”

Joyce Benning

Robust Lifestyles Podcast Host

“The Podcast Journal is a brilliant gift for anyone who loves podcasts and wants to better track their listening notes. We think it’s a great idea for all of our listeners to have one as they listen along to our episodes and have ‘aha moments’ they want to reflect on later or even questions they want to write and ask us (or other hosts) about!”

Kate and Peggy Neligan

Metaphysical Mastery Podcast Hosts