“In the fifteen years I have worked as an intuitive, channeler, and transformation guide for others, my job has been to help people create changes in their lives and become more of who they arealovedlife volume 2 here to be. It has been surprising and incredibly rewarding meeting and working with tens of thousands from all walks of life. It has taught me an enormous amount about what makes us fly and what holds us back as human beings. Sometimes, my work requires helping people overcome tough or traumatic experiences or obstacles. Other times, I help them with deepening their spirituality or intuition. But always, in all cases, we are moving toward an end goal of manifesting new levels of life, love, and a deeper experience of reality. More connection to our lives, those we love, and our sense of purpose are what we all want when it comes down to it. We all want to be able to experience, enjoy, and feel in resonance with our lives as much as possible.”

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