PANTS DOWN: How the Trousers-to Toes Chakras Can Keep You Turned on, Tuned in, And Toned up

Licensed acupuncturist Jean Brannon explores the fascinating connection between little-known lower body chakras and our self-limiting beliefs in Pants Down: How the Trousers-to-Toes Chakras Can Keep You Turned On, Tuned In, and Toned Up. In this min-e-book™, dive deeper than the well-known seven chakras to discover how these powerful energy centers can help you live in a turned on, tuned in, and toned up kind of way. Using ancient tools from Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as modern brain science, Brannon shares the tips and tools she has developed during more than 20 years of clinical practice to help you break through these constricted beliefs and live a more expansive life.

  • Examine how the lower body chakras have evolved and how they affect us
  • Learn how emotion and memory can cause unwanted behaviors
  • Discover how to tap into and balance the trousers-to-toes chakras for a greater sense of well-being

Get turned on, tuned in, and toned up today with Pants Down!

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