Diving into darkness is the only hope left for emerging into light

Worlds apart and on the run, star-crossed lovers Alaric and Elysia dive into their darkest night of the soul for a second chance at saving Atlantis and their happily ever after. Atlantis Splitting, sequel to Atlantis Writhing, finds the soulmates facing their personal demons in order to overcome the evil toppling their mysterious ancient empire. Yet with the Highest Light fellowship split and scattered, a Dark Heart queen emerges – one whose otherworldly magic powers are poised to overthrow a king playing all sides against his madness. Pulse-pounding thrills reign in this can’t-put-it-down epic romantic fantasy of betrayal, back-door deals, and bedroom alliances – will the cruel karma ever end?

BOOK TWO in the Highest Light series: Atlantis Splitting

Atlantis Splitting is a balm for the soul. It embodies the imaginative heart of the author, yet is a grounding and centering guidebook on moving through a dark night of the soul and rediscovering our divinity and the power of the heart. Like the characters in the novel, this book reminds us to keep moving – our story is still being written.”

Meg Ming

The Intuitive Guide for Healers