Atlantis Writhing by Jean Brannon has won #4 in Romance in Online Book Club’s 2022 Book of the Year contest! Out of all books combined, it received a rank of 44, an incredible achievement.

The award-winning Atlantis Writhing tells the story of Elysia, a light ray missionary, and Alaric, a scandalous dignitary. Their unbreakable love drives them to save the civilization of Atlantis, as it careens toward the brink of collapse. The first book in the Highest Light series, Atlantis Writhing additionally won bronze in the COVR Visionary Awards.

“I so appreciate Scott and all the helpful Online Book Club support people who keep things for us authors running smoothly. Mostly, I’m grateful to the readers, who’ve shared inspiring feedback about a novel dedicated to uplifting others. It’s their votes that propelled Atlantis Writhing to become 2022’s number four romance novel. And knowing that readers are being empowered by my work is what writing is really all about for me,” said Author Jean Brannon.

Online Book Club Creator Scott Hughes said, “I believe there is a force of unbelievable love and goodness deep within you, and that force is you more than anything is you. It’s like a beautiful light trying to work its way out of you, and shine through your art or shine through your deepest feelings of love and through your kindness.”

Book Two of the Highest Light series is coming soon. In addition to our store, Atlantis Writhing can be purchased here.