Where is the gift

WHERE IS THE GIFT? Discovering the Blessing in Every Situation, a min-e-book™

Are you in a situation that is challenging you? Are you struggling with finding the perfect gift the universe is holding for you?

The challenges of life can leave us frustrated, angry, and imprisoned in a sense of futility and despair. But even in the most difficult of situations, there is an opportunity for improvement. Inside every challenge is a beautiful gift waiting for us to unwrap it. All it takes is our choice to learn the lesson of the challenge!

Where is the Gift? by bestselling author Caroline Shearer will lead you to the gift in every situation, liberating you into a fulfilling, optimistic existence. This min-e-book™ will help you:

  • unwrap your blessings with more ease and grace

  • trust in the perfect manifestation of your life’s challenges

  • move through life with the smooth path your higher self intended

Make the choice: unwrap your gift today!

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