Our mission is to create and publish projects promoting goodness in the world.

“When I first decided my main goal was to promote unconditional love for all, I realized this phrasing still put energy into the conditions we place on love. This led me to look for a word implying the positive meaning, and I found it in ‘absolute.’ Thus, Absolute Love Publishing was born. Our logo is an infinity symbol joined by two hearts, to demonstrate our oneness and the love that always joins us.”
Caroline A. Shearer

Founder of Absolute Love Publishing

What Do We Publish?

Whether through uplifting stories, dynamic characters, or frank words of wisdom, one factor unites all of our books: they provide opportunities for our readers to align with and ignite their inherent goodness. Collectively, we believe this will change the world.

Who Do We Publish?

We differentiate ourselves by nurturing our authors and their words to create books of the highest and greatest good for readers of all ages. We have published internationally-renowned and Billboard-topping musicians, Olympic athletes, prominent media professionals and authors, inspirational and visionary figures, innovative change-makers, spiritual leaders, and, yes, everyday people who have something beautiful or charming or heartwarming to share with the world.

More About Us

We are located in Austin, Texas, USA.

Absolute Love Publishing and its imprint Spirited Press offer non-fiction and fiction books in categories such as self-help; body, mind, & spirit; spirituality; mysteries, inspirational, law of attraction; women’s studies; New Thought; and metaphysical.

Absolute Love Publishing also owns min-e-book.com and the trademark, min-e-book™. A min-e-book™ is a shorter-style e-book designed for a quick read.



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