Betrayed by their home planet, Elysia and her fellow Light Ray missionaries must go rogue and soldier on as the last hope to save Atlantis—a magical land whose evil king will stop at nothing to gain intergalactic domination. Fighting danger at every turn, Elysia confronts her own struggle: forbidden cravings that surge in the presence of hypnotic Alaric, a visiting dignitary with a scandalous past. But behind his seductive ways is a shocking secret that may help her reclaim her potent power and wield it in the fight for the Highest Light.

BOOK ONE in the Highest Light Trilogy: Atlantis Writhing


“Journey with cosmic energy beings as they face the challenges of fighting for what they believe. Witness a romantic love affair filled with pure selflessness. Beautifully done.”

Ashley Ebba

Tantric priestess, yoga teacher, and model