Polly Parker has waited 14 years to meet her shadow and learn the six secrets prophesied to save the world from ancient, evil bloodlines. That goal cost her grandparents their lives, but idyllic Higher Realm School promises Polly a safe place to discover the coveted higher knowledge – or so she thinks. It’s not long before danger finds her, and Polly and her friends must work together to outwit those who want to keep the secrets hidden. Fate also may play a role, as a curious outcome while separating from her shadow leaves Polly questioning everything. In Polly Parker Meets Her Shadow, each thought can be made real, holographic adventures can be deadly, and personal bravery can create a destiny generations in the making.

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“Of special appeal to teens and young adults with an interest in deftly crafted and original Fantasy/Magical Realism novels, Polly Parker Meets Her Shadow is a thoroughly ‘kid friendly’ epic and one which is especially and unreservedly recommended for middle school, high school, and community library Science Fiction & Fantasy collections for ages 13-18.”

Midwest Book Review Children's Bookwatch

“A clever tale of discovering wisdom and bravery … Fourteen-year-old Polly Parker wants to find her power. To do so, she attends the Higher Realm School of Exploration and Reintegration to discover the six secrets hidden in her shadow. Alone in this new world, she must find a way to confront a group of mean kids intent on destroying her. Readers will root for Polly as she finds the courage to stand up for herself and outwit them while finding true friendships and uncovering the six secrets along the way.”

Susan Pohlman

author of Halfway to Each Other & A Time to Seek

“Skillful words of wisdom, simply told, painting a picture of how life can be. I was eager to turn each page not only to discover the next secret, but to see how this world of magic and meaning unfolds.”

James Nussbaumer

author of The Master of Everything series