Atlantis Writhing by Jean Brannon received “a warm literary welcome” from one of the largest book review and award contest sites, when Readers’ Favorite announced numerous 5-star reviews of the Fantasy Romance. These reviews will be made available to 115,000 libraries and 85,000 bookstores.

“I love it when genres merge. Atlantis Writhing by Jean Brannon has mythology, science fiction, fantasy, and romance. The book is well-thought-out from the book cover and themes to the steamy scenes and unique plot. Alaric and Elysia had an instant connection and great chemistry. Their love story is about hope, sacrifice, and second chances. The author introduces readers to a new world filled with mythical wonders and forces.” – Reviewer Doreen Chombu

“The leads, Elysia and Alaric, have great chemistry and a love that transcends time and space.” Elysia “cannot control her feelings when she meets Alaric, an alluring shape-shifter who acts like he has known her forever. Elysia learns there is more to their connection, and what she deems a weakness may be the key to saving her team. … I recommend this book because it has an intriguing and unique plotline, and I hope to read more from this series and this author. Get a copy of Atlantis Writhing by Jean Brannon to enjoy this amazing story.” – Reviewer Luwi Nyakansaila

“Jean Brannon uses intense detail to build up the inner turmoil” of the main character, and “unpredictable twists in the plot changed my view of multiple characters. … The end left me eager to read the sequel. Atlantis Writhing will appeal to fantasy readers who enjoy a sensual story of sharing joy and unconditional love.” – Reviewer Stephanie Chapman

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