Raise Your Vibration

RAISE YOUR VIBRATION: Tips and Tools for a High-Frequency Life, a min-e-book™

Presenting mind-opening concepts and tips, Raise Your Vibration: Tips and Tools for a High-Frequency Life, a min-e-book™, opens the doorway to your highest and greatest good! This min-e-book™ demonstrates how every thought and every action affect our level of attraction, enabling us to attain what we truly want in life.

As beings of energy that give off and respond to vibration, it’s important we understand the clarity, fullness, and happiness that come from living at a higher frequency. Divided into categories of mind, body, and spirit/soul, readers will learn practical steps they immediately can put into practice to resonate at a higher vibration and to further evolve their souls.

A must-read primer for a higher existence! Are you ready for a high-frequency life?

Raise Your Vibration by Caroline Shearer is a must read. Her work is integral to understanding how we interact with our universe and a direct link to connecting to our best selves and our natural states of wellness and joy. Her writing style has an easy flow, and the concepts apply readily to our everyday lives. Caroline’s books are concise, quick reads and pack a powerful message. I recommend them to everyone taking my classes!

Linda Dierks

Founder, Spin Straw to Gold

“The Raise Your Vibration min-e-book™ series completely shifted the way I looked at my life. It gave me a holistic guideline to move over life’s bumps and hurdles with grace and love. These quick reads are the perfect pick-me-ups to get you back to truth. It also helps that the author is wrapped up in heavenly light ­­- you can just feel that vibration in her writing!”

Amanda Rivera

Founder, Inspire Me Communications