Twelve-year-old Izzy wants to be like everyone else, but she has a secret. She isn’t weird or angry, like some of the kids at school think. Izzy has Tourette syndrome. Hiding outbursts and tics from her classmates is hard enough, but when a new girl arrives, Izzy’s fear of losing her best friend makes Izzy’s symptoms worse. And when she sees her crush act suspiciously, runaway thoughts take root inside of her. As the pressure builds and her world threatens to spin out of control, Izzy must face her fear and reveal her secret, whatever the costs.

Authentic and perceptive, Different shines a light on the delicate line of a child’s hopes and fears and inspires us all to believe that perhaps we are not so different after all.

“Being able to see the world through the eyes of someone with Tourette Syndrome is often difficult. Day in and day out we hear from families struggling with Tourette and everything that comes with it: bullying, ostracization, and intolerance. But we also hear stories of strength, bravery, and kindness. I applaud Different for bringing light to this misunderstood neurological condition and personifying the challenges our community overcomes while educating and encouraging compassion. The author does a great job of showing that the term ‘different’ can be used in many ways, and not just as a negative connotation.”

Amanda Talty

President and CEO, Tourette Association of America

“Growing up, I never wanted to be ‘different.’ But then I realized that was just me. I learned early in life that being ‘different’ wasn’t always a bad thing, it was just my new normal. The book Different helps others embrace their own challenges in hopes that everyone can be a better person in the long run. Living with Tourette Syndrome is never easy, but knowing others around you understand where you’re coming from sure makes life a lot easier to manage. Different reminds us all to embrace our challenges and celebrate the ways we are all ‘different.’”

Brad Cohen

Educator, Author, Speaker, and President of the Brad Cohen Tourette Foundation

“Different is an insightful look into the life of Izzy, who faces every day with the challenges of Tourette Syndrome. The author allows you to feel the world from Izzy’s perspective, creating an understanding that she is more like her classmates than different.

“As an educator for more than thirty years, it is wonderful to find a text that promotes an understanding of differences. I have had several students with Tourette Syndrome, and the availability of literature to build awareness for class was limited. This book lends itself to class discussions about what it means to be ‘Different.'”

Lora Netherland

M.ED Special Education Teacher

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