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At Absolute Love Publishing, we view the publishing commitment as a lifelong relationship created for the benefit of our readers, our authors, and the publisher. We choose our authors as carefully as we choose our books, ensuring both are an energetic fit with our mission, and we nurture and support our authors through every career phase to help them achieve their version of success. We differentiate ourselves from most publishing houses by marketing and promoting each of the books in our catalogue on a continual basis—not just in the few months after publication—and we do the same with our authors, regardless of number of books published or length of time since last publication. At Absolute Love Publishing, each member of our team is as invested in your career as you are. Together, we create our highest and greatest. Together, we create goodness. Together, we make a difference in the world.

Book Submission Guidelines

Do you have a positive message to share with the world? Absolute Love Publishing is accepting book manuscript submissions. We’re looking for fiction and nonfiction books that intrigue us, inspire us, and fit with our overall mission. Genres may include mysteries; historical fiction; fantasy; humor; realistic fiction; science fiction; adventure; creative nonfiction; memoir; body, mind, and spirit; spiritual; inspirational; Young Adult and Children’s books; and women’s studies. We do not accept poetry submissions.

It is essential that potential authors interested in publishing with us familiarize themselves with our already-published books. Then, follow these instructions:
1. Ensure proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation in every communication with us. We will not open manuscripts where this is not followed.
2. Personalize your query. Show us you have done your research and why your book aligns with our goals.
3. Include a. your working title, b. number of words, c. genre, d. one-sentence summary, e. intended audience, f. one-paragraph summary, and g. books your manuscript compares to on the market.
4. Include your name, e-mail, phone number, and bio. Also, it’s helpful to tell us about your platform: size of email list/s, followers/fans on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, etc.
5. Fiction authors: send a 15-page excerpt from a completed manuscript. Nonfiction authors: include an outline of the entire manuscript and the first three chapters.
6. Format your document in Microsoft Word with 12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins.
7. Submissions should be emailed to submissions at

After You’ve Submitted

Please be patient. It takes time to give manuscripts the attention they deserve, and we want to honor your request to review your manuscript appropriately, just as we want to honor the requests of others. If it has been six weeks and you have not heard from us, you may send us one follow-up email.

In the words of our authors …

Why I Use My Craft to Create Goodness

At Absolute Love Publishing, we believe in creating goodness in the world. This post is one of a series in which we’ve asked our authors to explain why they choose to align themselves with our publishing house and why they use their craft to create goodness …

Absolute Love Publishing Author Jennifer Farnham

I’ve always loved people … but from afar. I am an observer—the fly on the wall who hoards experiences, interactions, stories, and ideas. However, I also have taken my Bodhisattva Vow, making it my life’s mission to be of aid and service to all beings for as many lifetimes as it takes to end suffering. Therefore, I have had to find my own quiet path of doing so.

Words. Experiences. Ideas. What better way of relating and growing with people than with the use of these powerful tools?

Words have been my favorite tool since I was a small child writing poetry on napkins. Now, as a mother of five children, my world is surrounded with the purity, love, and sweetness of these tiny, blooming people who are learning their worlds and preserving their purity and sanctity as kind and compassionate individuals in a world where there are so many distractions.

Driven by my devotion to all people, as well as my unconditional love for my own children, I utilize the tool of words and write to instill what goodness I can into the world. I want nothing more than to help others see how it is possible for us to compose a more beautiful and loving reality, not only for my children but for all the children of the world.

Through words, I hope to touch the lives and hearts of children and their parents so that they also feel inspired to spread kindness and compassion to those they encounter and to take those small, yet powerful, steps closer to a more gentle and loving world. Though my work, I hope to illustrate to all that they already have the power to change the world for the better … they just have to wield it.

I’m so grateful to have found and to work with Absolute Love Publishing, a publishing house, with its own drive to spread goodness in the world through words, comprised of a group of incredible people who gather as one to share in this mission of love and kindness. I’m honored to be part of their family of altruistic writers.

At Absolute Love Publishing, we believe in creating goodness in the world. This post is one of a series in which we’ve asked our authors to explain why they choose to align themselves with our publishing house and why they use their craft to create goodness…

Absolute Love Publishing Author Sarah Hackley

As humans, we are innately drawn to meaning. We want to know what someone’s words mean, what their actions mean. We desire knowledge of the meaning of life and of our place within its circle. We need to know there is meaning and that it exists in everything.

Writing gives us this. Writing—good writing—creates meaning. It takes the confusing, the disparate, the chaotic, the traumatic, and transforms it into a narrative that offers us a shimmering shard of truth, a shard we can wield or protect as we see fit.

As a reader, I have always needed that truth.

As a child and teen, I poured over the texts available to me, leaving the library week after week with books—stacked knees to chin—precariously held between two hands. Once home, I’d devour the words, greedily looking for shards strong enough to pierce my fears, fragments large enough to cover the holes left behind by uncertainty. And, over the years, I found them.

With books by my side, I uncovered countless pieces of truth, long-dead voices offering solace. I used these pieces, these fragments, these shards. Through words, I unearthed meaning. Through words, I began to make myself whole.

As a writer, however, the insight gained from other writers wasn’t enough. To heal completely, I needed to create my own insight, to turn my own pains and confusions into transformative truths. In doing so, I hoped, I also would be able to pass on to readers the small pieces of meaning I’d managed to gather, as had the writers before me. From those pieces, I hoped, other readers would unearth their own small, shimmering shards, and thus the cycle would continue.

It is this desire to share in the continual passing of meaning, to transmute negativity into something worthwhile, something understandable, that compels me to write the books I write. It is also why I choose to publish with a house that is in alignment with those goals. Alone, I am one writer speaking to myself. Together with Absolute Love Publishing, I am one writer speaking to the world. Together, we help spread meaning and goodness in an otherwise muddled world.

At Absolute Love Publishing, we believe in creating goodness in the world. This post is one of a series in which we’ve asked our authors to explain why they choose to align themselves with our publishing house and why they use their craft to create goodness…

Absolute Love Publishing Author Michelle Hastie

There are far too many people suffering in today’s too-busy, fast-moving society to ignore the calling to bring peace and goodness to as many people as possible. Spreading goodness, love, and compassion in the world is our purpose for living. Where I have seen the biggest need to fulfill this passion for myself is in the world of food, movement, body image, and weight.

People are struggling with eating disorders, obesity, excess weight, body image obsessions, and a laundry list of other related issues all stemming from the separation and obsessive “doing” nature that comes with living a life disconnected from our true selves and from each other. My calling is to teach mindfulness to all human “doings” who are so desperate to feel better.

In an attempt to bring understanding, connection, and ultimately goodness to all, I feel called to expose this false sense of human identity and bring more honesty to our everyday habits and our underlying programming. When the truth behind our authentic lives is exposed, we can begin to learn from each other. Marianne Williamson reminds us:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It’s not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

In a world that often feels so disconnected, it is imperative that we remember the inter-connectedness of us all. Through this inter-connectedness we can remember to spread goodness, love, and compassion where judgment and separation attempt to exist. Partnering with others who feel this way, like Absolute Love Publishing, enables me to offer healing to those people living lives as human “doings” instead of our more natural state of “beings.”

When you decide to let your light shine, you unconsciously give permission to the next person to do the same. In other words, when you send goodness to your neighbors, your neighbors receive permission to be their best selves, and ultimately pass that permission onto their neighbors. To me, there is nothing more important than this.

At Absolute Love Publishing, we believe in creating goodness in the world. This post is one of a series in which we’ve asked our authors to explain why they choose to align themselves with our publishing house and why they use their craft to create goodness…

Absolute Love Publishing Author Janet McLaughlin

Do you remember the thrill of reading your first book? I do. It was one from The Bobbsey Twins series. I can still remember the feel of it. The smell of it. Reading that book set something free inside of me. Even at that very young age, I knew. The knowledge of the world was available to me. All I had to do was find the right books.

That same feeling came over me in my early twenties when a chance comment set me in search of information on Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet. I knew instinctively that this was a path I needed to explore. In the following decades, I moved from Cayce to Jane Roberts, to Wayne Dyer, to Deepak Chopra, to Lee Carroll, and others. I personally interviewed several psychics, or intuitives as most prefer to be called. Their stories were inspirational and sometimes chilling.

After years of research, I had a cache of knowledge that I wanted to share. I also was aware that, starting around the early 1990s, the children who were being incarnated into our world changed. They were savvier, more skeptical, and less malleable. Many were coming in with abilities that frightened them or made them feel “different.” In fact, those were the most common themes I found with the intuitives that I interviewed—fear and isolation.

I wanted to use the knowledge I’d accumulated over the years to help these special kids to feel more comfortable about who they are. To see that they aren’t alone. That’s when I decided to write a novel about a gifted teen who felt isolated in her world because she was different. A girl who eventually learned to share her secret with close friends and to use her gifts to help others. That was the birth of The Soul Sight Mysteries series.

Finding Absolute Love Publishing was the Universe’s gift to me. Working with like-minded women who “get” what I am trying to do; who don’t try to change the essence of my story but instead work to enhance it; whose underlying message—“to create and publish projects promoting goodness in the world”—is so in sync with mine. Together, I believe, we are creating an opportunity for the children who read my books to not only have hours of enjoyment losing themselves in the world of Zoey Christopher but also to learn that helping others is rewarding in and of itself. And, maybe, even realize that being different isn’t so bad after all.

At Absolute Love Publishing, we believe in creating goodness in the world. This post is one of a series in which we’ve asked our authors to explain why they choose to align themselves with our publishing house and why they use their craft to create goodness …

Absolute Love Publishing Author Steve Schatz

Goodness is an ever-moving target and a very personal one. Each of us has a different and evolving definition of what goodness is. But whatever the definition, why I pursue it, promote it, try to dance with it, is easy. I have seen in my life that the things I feed with my attention and energy tend to grow and take up more room in my mind and in my life.

When I concentrate on my fears, they grow. When I concentrate on resentment, it grows. So, when I concentrate on joyous work, that is what grows. They say if you have two dogs and feed only one, the dog you feed is the one that grows.

When I write, I am completely consumed with figuring out the plot, how the characters talk with each other, and how to move the story along. However, what really feeds me, what keeps me going during the 15th rewrite, is reaching toward a better understanding of a way of life that exists not only in the Adima Chronicles, but—more and more—in my own life as well.

In that life, each one of us has come here to experience, learn, and share. In that life, each of us is responsible for creating sacred spaces, places where we focus on that which is just beyond our reach, that to which we aspire. With every action I take, I strive for awareness—of what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. As I take each aware action, I take responsibility also for those actions. If things turn out the way I wanted—great. If not, I seek learning, not blame.

I am troubled when I look at Young Adult bookshelves in stores. So many books are post-apocalyptic killing sprees. Many are updates of old stories of youth railing against fate and then escaping or being rescued. The Adima books intentionally tell a story of responsible action. The characters are not passive. They must decide which teachers to listen to and what lessons to take. They must direct their own change. At the end of the story, each character is different.

I believe there is always hope. There are always lessons. And it is each person’s decision what dog to feed. I strive to communicate these beliefs in my books, using my words to reach toward the sacred and the good. I’m thankful to work with a publisher who also strives for the good and believes in taking creative action for change. Together, we spread light through action. It is my hope that we also show others how to do the same.

What's Our Book Wishlist?

Here are a few of our @AbsoluteLovePub #MSWL (Manuscript Wishlist) Tweets:

  • Love create-their-own rules characters. #independent #feisty #quirky #lovable #MSWL
  • Would love #body #mind #spirit #author to market alongside @MichelleHastie. Upbeat, #holistic, spiritual vibe. #MSWL
  • Seeking min-e-bookTM #authors! Shorter style digital books w/ one area of expertise/focus. #MSWL #nonfiction #ebook
  • #‎MSWL‬: min-e-bookTM manuscripts! Short, positive, non-fiction, ~25k words. Great ‪#‎publishing‬ intro for new authors!
  • Have a real desire to help people? And a book that does that? That’s what I’d like to see! #fiction or #nonfiction #MSWL from Caroline
  • How about an uplifting romance with #metaphysical elements, like with #pastlives or #angels or #spirituality? #MSWL from Caroline
  • Our @AbsoluteLovePub editor Sarah Hackley seeks fiction book submissions with a strong female protagonist. #mswl
  • Our publisher Caroline A. Shearer is looking for a #metaphysical novel along the lines of Celestine Prophecy. #MSWL
  • Our editor @SarahHackley is looking for a novel w/a female protagonist in line with the @AbsoluteLovePub mission statement. #MSWL
  • Our editor @SarahHackley is looking for a DIY book from a naturopath to add to our inspirational author list. #MSWL Could that be you?
  • Manuscript Wish List for @AbsoluteLovePub Metaphysical and Visionary Fiction #MSWL
  • Spiritual, yet grounded manuscripts that convey specific, actionable tools for people to improve their lives. #MSWL
  • Publisher Caroline: I’d love spiritual fiction/mystery a la @James_Redfield’s Celestine Prophecy series. #mswl
  • Our editor @SarahHackley: I’d love a fiction novel with great dialogue and a theme in line with our mission.

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