“Enlightenment, or satori, is meeting yourself. It’s a moment of revelation that unmasks your earthly self and reveals your divine self.

Spirituality paints the enlightened soul as a puddle of bliss and giggles riding a rainbow made of angels. Is there truly any such unicorn? Yes, yes, there is. And you can be that unicorn. You already are that unicorn. You’re already enlightened, but your naturally enlightened state is clouded by programming. By peeling back the program you can find your true self again— you can find everything you’ve been searching for.

Your program is a fun-bundle of neuroses and snarkery that traps you in delusion, or what I call the sim. You’ve probably heard some version of simulation theory, that our reality is essentially a generated program. The evidence is in front of you. Any object you look at is kinda not there. It’s 99.99% empty quantum particles that only exist when they’re being observed. Reality’s no sure thing. True reality lies beyond those there/not there particles. It’s the thing that generates them.”

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