“Becoming a Spiritual Author” by Absolute Love Publishing Founder Caroline A. Shearer appeared in Inner Realm Magazine and as a guest post for the Metaphysical Center of New Jersey. In the article, Shearer writes there are frequently two distinct incarnations for those who embark on a spiritual journey: 1. those who interpret their journey as a sign to start a spiritual practice as a career and 2. those who want to become spiritual teachers via authoring books.

Shearer, a bestselling author who has published many spiritual works, gives her best advice on how to succeed in being a spiritual writer. “Spiritual writers must be grounded in the practical workings of how to create success (whatever that means for them) if they want their work to have an impact beyond themselves.”

She says if you are considering authoring a spiritual book, it’s best to have a clear vision, be prepared to edit, have a plan to market your book, and keep your financial support system in place. To find out more on becoming an effective spiritual author, read the full article here.

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