Divas That Care interviewed Absolute Love Publishing Founder Caroline A. Shearer about how she got into writing, how to live intentionally, and the benefits of writing during the Robust Lifestyles podcast with host Joyce Benning: “Thank you so much, Joyce, for having me on your show! I love the idea of a robust lifestyle. That is exactly what I hope we all go for.”

Shearer explained that in the beginning of her writing career, during college, she worked as a reporter. After a tragic, eye-opening story, she decided, “If I’m going to write, then I want to use my words for good. I want to use words in a positive way.” Shearer then went on to discuss Absolute Love Publishing’s hybrid magazine, ALOVEDLIFE, and how it is meant to be “always relevant and readable, and something that can help you, no matter where you are, no matter when it is.”

The interview concluded with a piece of advice from Shearer, to those who want to better their lives. She said that even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, you can benefit from writing things down. “I think the more we can retain from our everyday experiences, the more we can grow from them.”

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