Living each day with the knowledge that a debilitating chronic migraine attack could occur any moment, Sarah Hackley crafted a way to navigate career, family, and self-care philosophies into a fulfilling life.

“Thankfully, there are many places we can go online for support with this issue, places where we can empathize with each other and find people who understand what we’re going through,” said Sarah. “This is essential to our mental well-being, and I am grateful every day that online communities exist. What there doesn’t seem to be enough of, however, are places where we can get and share practical advice for living with our illnesses.”

To support this need, Sarah has created a new blog to compliment “The Migraine Chronicles” called “Practically Chronic,” which focuses on providing and discussing practical tips for living with chronic illness and raising kids – an exceptionally good resource for work-at-home moms, moms with special needs kids, homeschooling moms, and even those without chronic illness.

Sarah also reaches out worldwide on a monthly basis to those suffering from and/or living with migraine through her monthly features with March’s feature was a remarkable success – viewed by over 28,000 people!

Through therapy and self-discovery, Sarah created, “Finding Happiness with Migraines: a Do It Yourself Guide,” a min-e-book™ that intuitively guides migraineurs to take charge of their bodies, minds, emotions, and health.

As a contributor to the Absolute Love Publishing collaborative book, “Women Will Save the World,” Sarah shared her personal experience with loss. “The one thing I had never been prepared for happened, and there was no place to push the pain. All the corners of my mind, all the compartments of my soul, were full.” said Sarah. What she gleaned from these moments was not always what she expected to learn. A poetry chapbook, “The Things We Lose,” follows this theme of loss and is due to be released in the summer of 2014.

Sarah also keeps busy as the editor for Absolute Love Publishing and its imprint, Spirited Press.

Congratulations, Sarah Hackley, on always finding the light – and the love! We love you!