For International Women’s Day, Absolute Love Publishing author and women’s weight loss expert Michelle Hastie Thompson was interviewed by FOX 40 about why women lose weight differently than men. She chose to write about women’s health because “women struggle with weight more than men do, and I wanted to know why that is.” She talks about the difference between men and women when it comes to weight, body, and food in Have Your Cake and Be Happy Too, which was published by Absolute Love Publishing in 2017.
A key piece of advice she has for women who want to lose weight is to not diet. Her reasoning is, “The more you restrict something, the more you’re going to want it.” Hastie says women need to accept their bodies and not fight what they currently have. “Food is not the problem,” Hastie explains, “it’s more than that when it comes to weight.”

Watch the full interview about women and weight loss here.