ALP Editor Sarah Hackley:

Fiction enables us to connect with each other in ways we often can’t otherwise. It strips us of our preconceptions and takes us into another world, where we can view spiritual and philosophical ideas in new ways. This is literature’s gift to us, one that brings out the best and most empathetic aspects of each of us. 

I’m eager to read work that combines strong writing – compelling narrative voice, compassionate characters, and engaging dialogue – with a positive ideal in a unique and exciting way. Female protagonists are especially encouraged. If you’ve got something that makes the reader’s heart leap – either with joy at the world that is or with hope at what the world could be – I want to see it. 

Nonfiction works are also strongly encouraged. I love practical nonfiction work that offers the reader a new perspective on common problems or fresh ideas on how to handle specific issues, especially when combined with a strong, authoritative voice. If your work offers healing and empowerment to others, especially if it is in an area with which many people struggle, I’d love to read it. Areas of special interest include medicine and healthcare, relationships, finance, and personal fulfillment.

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