Women_Will_Save_the_World“Through our determination, we exemplify courage and strength to our daughters, our families, and all those who come in contact with us.” — Mary Ellen Ciganovich, Women Will Save the World. 

Mary Ellen Ciganovich empowers others through her words. She is a well-known educator and inspirational speaker, and author of “Healing Words, Life Lessons to Inspire.”

In “Women Will Save the World,” Mary Ellen shares an essay on “Learning through Acceptance.” As a child, she was diagnosed with epilepsy; she developed MS as an adult. It always seemed that people were telling her what she could not do because of her illnesses. She was told not to join a sorority, that she would never get married, that she could never be normal. 

Thank goodness Mary Ellen is a headstrong woman who didn’t listen to a word of it! She has not only led a “normal” existence — getting married and having a child — she is also a well of inspiration to those around her! She has made good use of her words, through her book, her speaking engagements, and her work as a teacher, and she is a beaming example of what one woman can do. 

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