I have a special spot in my heart for books that address identity problems that so many of us—or a select few of us—share. Books that focus on unique subsets of people—powerful, courageous teens; psychics; lightworkers; girl scientists; celestial beings coming to terms with and reveling in their physical humanity; funny, sarcastic mothers who feel they don’t quite “fit in;” the heroic chronically ill; women looking to get more from life than a lower number on a scale. These books speak to me because these people are, in one way or another, my people. I want to hear their stories. I want to help amplify their vision for those stories and then help share those messages with the world.

Through stories like these, we learn to empathize with one another. We spread love, even in darkness, for stories teach us that we are more alike than we are unalike. So if you have a story about a unique person—an empath; a healer; a genius; an artist; a person with a disability, or a tic, or a mental health issue—strive to write that story to spread hope, to show joy. Let us see what your characters are capable of accomplishing. Let us into the troubles they face, the uniqueness of their minds, and their resoluteness. Use your words to weave a close knit around us. Bring us together. That is the purpose of a book, and those are the books I want to read and publish.

So get started. Who knows? Your character may speak to us all, and you might see yourself in one of our new author spotlights soon! Happy writing.

Until next time, with much love,


Sarah Hackley is an author and the editor for Absolute Love Publishing. Sarah loves to hear from readers and can be reached via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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