Women_Will_Save_the_World“It’s only when we are authentic to who we are that we are going to be truly happy. It’s so important that we follow what our own heart is telling us, what our own intuition is telling us, what our passion is, where our heart wants to go. When we can truly explore who we are, that’s when the world just explodes with possibilities.”

– Caroline A. Shearer, Conscious Discussions Radio, August 23, 2012

Caroline A. Shearer and ALP editor Sarah Hackley were featured on Conscious Discussions Radio with Lillian Brummet to discuss “Women Creating a Better World.” During this inspiring episode Caroline and Sarah talked about the work they do, helping writers refine and publish their projects through Absolute Love Publishing and Spirited Press. “It’s really interesting to see how lives can work out when the puzzle pieces start falling in,” Caroline commented on their collaboration. “And when you start just trusting that what is coming to you is what you need in that moment.” 

The two also talked about the light and inspiration behind “Women Will Save the World,” the Dalai Lama’s quote, “The world will be saved by the Western woman.” There is a deep and profound message found within the pages of this book. Women are blessed with natural abilities which propel them to save the world little by little, in their daily lives, just by being authentic and feminine, and true to the feminine nature. It’s actually very simple. Of the power women have, Caroline said, “We have so much to offer. Let’s explore that and let’s define it.” 

To find out more about how you too can save the world, grab a copy of “Women Will Save the World!”