Women_Will_Save_the_World“As women we have the stamina, faith, and sheer will to survive that, coupled with creativity, brings forth for our sisters a beacon to follow when dark times come around.” — Carmel Rivello Maguire, Women Will Save the World

Carmel Rivello Maguire has applied her feminine powers of creativity to influencing design for over 25 years. She founded Carmelot Interiors and also holds an executive position at two major interior design firms specializing in hotel and resort design in California and Florida. She returned to college much later in life, showing the world that it is never too late to pursue one’s dreams and also that there is no expiration date on the thirst for knowledge. 

In Women Will Save the World, Carmel tells us of some of the personal struggles she has met with in her life. From living in the shadows of an abusive patriarch, to the pain of losing an unborn child, and to finally overcoming all and sharing light and inspiration with the world as a speaker to women’s groups. She shows the importance of remembering all those who have come before and also thinking of all those who will come after us on this path through life, and to help “repave the road for our younger sisters” just as it was paved for us before our time. 

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