acb45a_eb9afbe7577143289854539c43780947Women Will Save The World” contributor Mary Ellen Ciganovich began her childhood with a diagnosis of Epilepsy that fueled others to tell her what she could and would not be able to do with her life. As Mary Ellen grew, she decided she would be a warrior, not a victim, and accomplished everything she was told she could not: attend college, get married, and have a child. Mary Ellen survived and thrived through a divorce and an additional diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, and now lives a full life inspiring others. Mary Ellen shares her luminosity, wellness advocacy, and self-love through many speaking engagements based on the topics in her book, “Healing Words, Life Lessons To Inspire.”

Mary Ellen began this year sharing encouragement, strength, and inspirational life moments with radio show interviews on “Super Change Your Life” with Stanley Bronstein, “The Wellness Journey” with Lynnis Woods-Mullins, and “Conversations Live” with Cyrus Webb. She also was featured on the cover of the February/March 2014 issue of “Wellness Woman” magazine and is a monthly contributor for each issue. Mary Ellen’s latest article is titled, “Learning to Love Yourself.”
Mary Ellen makes a difference globally by posting a “Truth of the Day” on Facebook Monday through Friday, sharing a message with personalized meaning, from her heart to yours. Near her home base, Mary Ellen speaks in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area to ladies’ church luncheons, senior citizens, and teen groups such as “Girls, Inc.”

acb45a_65b6d3a5834c4f6bbe975f10258bc89fFinding a balance of self-care while inspiring others to live life to their fullest potential takes dedication and determination. Mary Ellen has said, “Through our determination, we exemplify courage and strength to our daughters, our families, and all those we come in contact with.” Congratulations, Mary Ellen for being such a shining example of what courage and determination can be!

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