Women_Will_Save_the_WorldSusun S Weed, author of “New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way,” has endorsed “Women Will Save the World!”

“As an unabashed feminist, woman lover, and high priestess of the Goddess, I say ‘Hooray!’ for Caroline Shearer. Her book, this book, is poised to fulfill the Dalai Lama’s prediction that western women will save the world. How? Aha! You need this book. It is filled with role models from many countries and many eras to help you envision and create the changes this world needs. What are you waiting for? Change the world!”

Susun is the author of several books on health and healing the “wise woman way.” In addition to writing, she is also in charge of training apprentices and coordinates the activities of the Wise Woman Center. She has a regular column in Sagewoman Magazine and also makes appearances on radio and television shows, including NPR and NBC News. For more information about Susun, please visit her website.

To learn more about “Women Will Save theWorld,” visit the Absolute Love Publishing website, and also see our list of book projects, such as “Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional Love.”