On the inaugural episode of the Raise Your Frequency podcast, host Lisa Capri and special guest Absolute Love Publishing Founder and Author Caroline A. Shearer discussed what it means to raise your vibration.

Shearer described frequency and vibration in simple terms: “Everything in the universe is made up of energy … all of that energy is vibrating. We want to get that energy level that is at our core and make that vibrate at a higher frequency … then, we can attract other higher frequencies, which will bring better things into our lives.”

A difference between having a low frequency or high frequency is that a low frequency “is going to feel heavier. It is going to present itself as more problematic. It’s going to be more challenging in certain senses. It’s going to cause more conflict, and it’s just not going to flow as smoothly,” she said. When you have a higher frequency, it’s “going to flow more easily.” One clear action to take to raise your vibration, she said, is learning to quiet the “mind clutter” and slow down your life.

Shearer’s final advice on where to start with raising your frequency is to “have that intention and hold on to that intention every single day.”  Listen to the full inaugural episode of the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, and Lisa Capri’s website.