In honor of Women’s History Month, Absolute Love Publishing will again shine our light of love on some of the most authentic, intuitive, courageous, and inspiring women today.

This week’s feminine luminary is Mary Ellen Ciganovich, who was in Absolute Love Publishing’s “Women Will Save the World.”

acb45a_65b6d3a5834c4f6bbe975f10258bc89fMary Ellen is the author of “Healing Words, Life Lessons to Inspire” and is known for her can-do attitude combining strength, love, and empowerment. Sharing her experiences living with Multiple Sclerosis and Epilepsy, Mary Ellen helps others thrive through positive inspiration. She has been active this year with book signings and speaking engagements, and her book is helping an even larger community worldwide, with readers from many countries reaching out to her to share their appreciation.

Mary Ellen continues to have an active profile in the media this year, as a guest speaker on numerous radio shows and for online media sites, including Wellness Woman and Inspire Me Today. Media appearances included the following shows, among others:

Cyrus Webb’s Conversations Live Radio Show

Lynnis Woods-Mullins – Wellness Journey

Takneshia Day’s The Bright side

Wyleaner the Queen of Las Vegas Gospel

Brenda Ward’s Open Book Club Radio

Charles Rivers – Inner Success Radio

Fun & Fit Radio – Fit 4 Life

Kevin Zimmerman – Artist First Radio – broadcasting worldwide to service men and women

Mamie Smith – Unfolding of a Rose

Rodney Mather’s Journey of Hope

Carmelo Angel – Angel Ministries

Spiritual Podcast – A Fine Time for Healing

Rustie online – Living and Thriving

Randi Fine’s Talk Radio

The Author’s Show

Michael Dresser – The Michael Dresser Show

Through purposeful self care, Mary Ellen is healthy and happy despite her diagnoses. A key to her success has been balancing self care with her public appearances, writing, and client care. With clients, she is able to guide them to practice self love, forgiveness, and improved wellness. Challenges with parenting, anger release, and emotional healing are other areas of her calling.

Absolute Love Publishing recognizes the radiant light that is Mary Ellen Ciganovich — Shine on, Mary Ellen!

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