Women_Will_Save_the_World“When we listen to our intuition and follow our feelings, we are being guided by the best GPS system in existence– our souls.” — Elizabeth Harper, Women Will Save the World 

We’re all familiar with that little “voice” inside our minds. Sometimes people call it our gut feeling; policemen say they have a hunch. But it is really our soul’s intuition. Our intuition is something we use everyday whether we realize it or not. It guides us through big decisions- like choosing a college, or deciding whether or not to take a certain job- and we use it for little, everyday things too. When you meet someone, your “first impression” is largely based on what you pick up about that person intuitively. But what about the times when our intuition tells us to do something really wild and crazy? 

Sometimes when we hone in on what our little voice is telling us, it suggests something drastic, something we are unsure we can even do. In Women Will Save the World, Elizabeth Harper tells her story of coming to the U.S. from the U.K. because she just felt it was what she needed to do at the time. She didn’t know anyone. She didn’t have a job waiting for her. She just followed her feelings and although it was not always the smooth and easy journey she had pictured, it was well worth the ride. She wound up getting married and writing a book! She also created two businesses, Sealed With Love LLC and Spiritual Living LLC. 

Elizabeth shares her gifts of healing with color through her visionary jewelry. As part of her website, www.sealedwithlove.com, she regularly features a segment called ColorScope where she brings on guests who use their intuitive powers to give readings on what certain colors mean. An upcoming segment will feature Caroline A. Shearer, creator of Women Will Save the World. Be sure to tune in!