Women_Will_Save_the_World“Choosing feminine collaboration in our lives, work, and mission decreases competition, lessens the struggle, and affords us more ease and grace.” – Catrice M. Jackson, Women Will Save the World

In the very first essay of Women Will Save the World, international empowerment speaker and bestselling author, Catrice M. Jackson shares how she discovered the beauty of the true feminine, in all its strength and power. One of the most important aspects of embracing femininity is learning to collaborate with one another. When the workplace is filled with catty gossip and negative feelings, the low vibrations are felt by all. Ultimately, the work suffers and the team becomes demoralized. But when we step up and over all of that, allowing the feminine tendency towards collaboration to prevail, we allow for a harmonious environment filled with high vibrations which benefits everyone. The team can then thrive and accomplish goals and objectives much more easily.

Catrice elaborates on this point quite beautifully. “Living in the feminine and collaborating from this space allows us to care for ourselves, care for others, and impact the world with the collective power of connectedness and compassion.” Women will not accomplish much by cutting each other down. Instead, women will save the world by harmonizing, and little by little, accomplishing bigger and bigger tasks that will benefit all. 

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