“A horse herd is a unique, evolved hierarchal system that works for each member of its community. Horses at the bottom of the herd and at the top have the same amount of value; they just play different roles.alovedlife volume 2

I believe humanity can learn and emulate much from the herd, especially corporate groups. As an equine-partnered leadership coach, I am passionate about getting corporate executives and teams (including start-ups and non-profits) out into nature to learn from the wisdom of horses. My coaching is based on the theory that ‘how you do one thing is how you do anything.’ Utilizing simple but profound exercises, my equine-partnered sessions enable corporate groups to experience new ways of being that they can practice in the workplace.” . . .

Read “For the Good of the Herd” by Kate Neligan, exclusively in ALOVEDLIFE volume 2, a timeless bookazine by Absolute Love Publishing featuring stories on Intentional Living, Elevated Action, Conscious Connection, and Sacred Self Care. Learn about all the editions here.

good of the herd