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Is Your Manuscript Ready for Publication? Here’s How to Tell. 

Knowing when your story is finished is easy. There’s a sense of resolution, a feeling of satisfaction. The completion is almost magical. It is, at times, even spiritual. Knowing when it’s time to publish your book, however, is often an entirely different matter. 

Preparing a manuscript for publication overwhelms most writers. They don’t know what steps to take, or what errors to look for and correct. With that thought in mind, we’ve put together a short list of signs that, taken together, usually mean your story is ready to be shared with the world.  

Signs Your Manuscript is Publication Ready 

  • Several different people (preferably not related to you), or a professional editor, have read your story and provided honest feedback on the actual content (i.e. storyline).  
  • You have reviewed and revised your story with your readers’ or editor’s content comments in mind, and resubmitted the manuscript to your readers (or editor) for a final review.  
  • Many different people (or a professional editor) have proofread your revised manuscript. 
  • You have reread your printed manuscript at least 10 times and corrected all errors. 
  • Your manuscript is formatted according to your publisher’s specifications.  
  • Your manuscript’s word count falls within guidelines.
  • You believe your manuscript is the best it can possibly be.

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