Love_Like_God“There can be a lot of fear involved with loving,” said Caroline A. Shearer, when discussing her book, “Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional Love.” When faced with an opportunity to love, we can choose to pull back, or “We can be stronger in our love in the face of fear. We can choose to embrace it instead.” 

On “Aging Outside the Box,” a syndicated radio show with Shirley Mitchell, Shearer said of her motivation for creating the book: “I realized that what we call love is usually something else – an attachment, fondness, an expectation – but love in its true meaning is unconditional. We receive fulfillment from offering love, not from expecting to get anything back. This concept is hard for most, as it is not what society demonstrates and often not the way we were raised – but this book shows us how we can begin to love purely.”  

“Love Like God” is a compilation of the stories of almost 40 luminaries from around the world. From varied backgrounds, these individuals describe the personal experiences that helped them develop the concept of unconditional love in their lives.

“Love Like God” was created through Shearer’s Absolute Love Publishing. “I want to craft projects that are creating good and opening people’s hearts to love – for others, the world, and especially themselves. I feel so blessed and I hope to continue to bring the message of love to all.”