Best selling authorCreate a Goodreads Author Page

Whether or not you already have an account with Goodreads, you can “claim” your Goodreads author page. Goodreads is an online book club where millions worldwide go to review books and explore books.

Goodreads tips:

Ensure your author page displays all your books, including your electronic versions of each title.

Write a good bio, and use a flattering, recent picture of yourself.

Link to all your sites, such as your

1. Facebook fan page or your book’s Facebook page,

2. where your book can be purchased,

3. your Youtube video, Youtube channel, or Youtube playlist.

Upload any videos you have. “Like” them.

Find friends to review and rate your book/s, such as with our “Adventures of a Lightworker: Dead End Date” and “Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional Love.”

Add events you host, and invite your friends.

If time permits, consider adding (and asking your friends to add) your book/s to relevant lists, such as Best Spiritual Fiction or New Authors to Watch.

An excellent tool for exposure is the free Goodreads giveaway program. With the only out-of-pocket costs being the cost of the book/s and shipping, it is a great way to get your book in front of thousands of people who can put it on their “to-read” shelves, a feature of Goodreads. We consider this one of the best “free” exposure opportunities available online. We’ve received the most interest when we offer one book at a time for a period of about three to four weeks.

Get the Goodreads widgets, available through your author dashboard, to place giveaways and reviews of your books into your own website.

Avoid using friendships and forums as a platform to outright promote your book. Rather, appreciate Goodreads for what it is, a place to explore books in general and appreciate reading. As people begin to know you, they will want to see your work. Remember, Goodreads is a tool, one of many, not your sole source of readers. Appreciate each friend, each “to-read,” each fan, and each reader.

Tip: In our experience, Goodreads customer service (email support) is helpful and kind.

Information provided by Absolute Love Publishing. Also see our posts on Claiming Your Amazon Author Page, Creating a account, and Creating a Youtube Account.