Like a pebble tossed into water creating ripple after ripple, Kate Neligan makes beautiful waves. This “Women Will Save the World” trailblazing contributor is creating a better world through her vision of synergy. In her recent TEDx talk on “The Pursuit of Perfection,” Kate shared how as a society we have established a fertile ground for the perfection-driven people we are today.

“If I do this, I get this,” we think. But, when we don’t achieve the “perceived perfection,” we do not earn the reward and, thus, an “I am not enough” seed begins to grow. How can we overcome that feeling of not being enough and let go of the exhausting chase for perfection? Kate asks us to focus on three things:

Enjoy the climb. “So often we focus on the destination and where we are going because we think that is what we need and lose sight of the beauty around us.”

Live life in the sweet spot of enough-ness. “The paradox of desire is that we want something outside of ourselves, but that sends a signal that we are not already complete.”

Practice synergy. “Embrace all the parts of ourselves, including our shadow, so we work to heal our wounds and continue to express our light.”

In addition to her TEDx appearance, Kate described a recent “full circle moment” when she saw the Dalai Lama speak in person, as it was a quote from the Dalai Lama that inspired the creation of the Absolute Love Publishing collaborative book, “Women Will Save The World,” for which Kate contributed a story on “Transformational Trailblazing.” Kate’s story centered on following her heart to create Mindful Media Entertainment LLC, a conscious media studio for mindful movies and transformational television, and Synergy TV, an online media channel that entertains, enlightens, and inspires.

Remember those beautiful waves?

Look for even more, as Kate showcases her Conscious Rockstar through coaching, speaking, and even equine therapy!

Congratulations, Kate on making the world a better place by tossing one conscious pebble at a time. To keep up with Kate Neligan’s journey and be inspired to create your own ripples, visit