Absolute Love Publishing’s newest release, “The Weight Loss Shift: Be More, Weigh Less” by Michelle Hastie, is receiving stunning praise from remarkable and transformative women leaders, and we are so excited to share it! This confidence from the community means even more people will be able to experience this powerful shift!


Christa Thompson, Founder of Wild and Wise Women:

“Wow, wow, wow. Every page of this book encompasses an ‘A-HA’ moment. I have never heard of weight loss spoken like this before, and it has been a long time coming!

“This book can make the difference between bodies we love and the self-hate propaganda that has become the norm, and I have unofficially adopted it as the ‘body guide’ to ‘Living Wild and Wise.’ This is required reading: for you, those you love, your wild and wise mothers, daughters, sisters, friends. This is the how-to manual, the final word on the subject, and the map that will take us home to body love, acceptance, optimum personal health, and well-being once and for all.”

Stacy Garay, as seen in SHAPE magazine:

“Stop struggling, and start shifting! This is the last weight loss book you’ll ever need!”

Elli Boland, Holistic Life Coach:

“My mind is having a happy dance party after reading this book! Michelle really gets it and has a way of offering a new perspective that not only makes the most sense of any weight loss approach out there, but also feels more freeing and incredible than any diet could ever feel.

She skillfully weaves powerful inquiry exercises into the mix of mind-blowing insight. You will feel validated, understood, supported, and empowered through this book. I highly recommend this as a must have for anyone desiring to live an inspired and free life, loving the skin they are in, losing weight by being more. My clients are all getting a copy!”

Erika Watson, creator of Loved.Seen.Heard:

“If you are ready to have the body you desire without the struggle or punishment, Michelle Hastie is an excellent guide on your journey to pleasure, health and freedom.” “The Weight Loss Shift: Be More, Weigh Less” is “a great and easy read for anyone ready to shift their relationship with their body, lose weight, and maintain their ideal size effortlessly and joyfully in the new paradigm of health and well-being.”

Justice Bartlett, founder of EmBody Me:

“In a world where doing, having and accomplishing is valued so highly, it is extremely refreshing to come across material on the subject of weight loss that puts the greatest emphasis on being. I enjoyed digesting this subject matter slowly, pleasurably, as I am now doing ever more consciously with my own food and body. Many diet books and plans seem to take a very mechanical approach to this topic, but we are not machines. We are minds, emotions, and spirits expressing through physical form, and for lasting harmonious well-being, these must all be taken into account. Michelle does a wonderful job of creating a holistic wellness experience that is easy to follow and put into practice, a template for living in not only our ideal bodies, but our ideal lives.”

Nick Pfennigwerth, author of Opening the Flow of Money:

“Most conventional weight loss advice is flawed with only doing, diets, and temporary results. But this book, and Michelle’s approach, is about loving your body and keeping the weight off-without the obsession of counting calories and exhausting yourself.”

About the Book

Would you like to love your body at any weight? Would you like to filter through others’ body expectations to discover your own? Would you like to live at your ideal weight naturally, effortlessly, and happily?

Based on science, psychology, and spirituality, “The Weight Loss Shift” helps you discover your ideal way of being and then helps you transform to living a life free from worry about weight – forever!

In other words: you will lose weight permanently and effortlessly. Not with diets or fad exercises or gimmicks — but with love! Absolute love, yes?

About the Author

Michelle Hastie is a weight loss coach with a background in personal training, food psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and yoga. (She was also one of our featured women in Women Will Save the World!) Michelle has been blessed with the gift of transforming lives, one body at a time.

Hastie shares her own journey and shows readers how to make this effortless shift in “The Weight Loss Shift: Be More, Weigh Less.” Buy a copy today from Amazon or B&N!