Did you know? You have a wealth signature!

But, before you grab a piece of paper and try a fancy new way of signing your name, this is not the same signature we use for our electronic documents, texts, emails, paperwork, and personal notes. This is an invisible and potent energetic signature directly connected to your financial well-being.

Your wealth signature can range from riches to poverty and is created by every financial experience and belief you have been exposed to in this life and in other lives. Whatever financial situation you are experiencing, it is because that is what resonates with your wealth signature.

What is a wealth signature? Your wealth signature is the essence or the vibration that attracts your financial experiences. You don’t have to do anything to have a wealth signature – everyone has one. However, it is important to understand your wealth signature if your finances aren’t where you’d like them to be — so that you can improve them.

If you are not financially where you aspire to be, ask yourself: How am I contributing to this lower money vibration?

Try a structured self -exploration about money by answering these pertinent and clarifying questions:

•         What are my earliest experiences with money?

•         What are my beliefs surrounding money?

•         What/who is influencing my beliefs on money?

•         What money-related activities do I choose?

•         Who am I spending time with – do they have poverty mindsets or abundant mindsets?

How do all of the above play into the money that I have, that I earn, that I spend, that I save, and that I invest? All of these things are related. When you begin to unfold the answers to these questions, your financial story will reveal itself. Once you understand the story, you can see what to work on, what to release, what to strengthen, and what to let blossom.

To learn more about changing your financial vibration, listen to Caroline A. Shearer discussing financial abundance on Wealthy Wednesday with Luci McMonagle, or purchase Caroline’s min-ebook™, “Raise Your Financial Vibration.”