“The beauty of taking that all-important first step off the ledge—you discover things you never would have seen when you were only standing there thinking about jumping,” said Anicia Bragg, contributor to “Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional Love.” And, as women, it is in those moments of bravery that we are able to make the most impact on the world.

The key to success is an ability to get moving and not let fear hold us back, said Anicia. “Fear is the foundation of complacency, strife, and struggle. The granddaddy of all fears is the fear of the unknown. What if this, and what about that? Fear of the unknown often leads to a lack of action.”

We have incredible power as women. “I’m in awe of the awesome power we have: the power to create life, the power to create change.” It is crucial for us to move forward and embrace that power. “Take chances. Jump in with both feet. Dive in without thinking, without analyzing, without checking the temperature, looking at the clock, or checking your schedule,” said Anicia. “Once you are in the water, you’ll figure it out.”

That first step opens up the possibilities of action because “you see the steps needed to get the job done.” The mind’s attention shifts to what is next, rather than getting caught in pre-action fears. “When you cast yourself out there, incredible opportunities come about. New ideas come out of nowhere, new connections and new people find you, and successes happen that fuel you to do more.”

A multi-talented entrepreneur, Anicia recently leaped through her own fears to try something she always has wanted to do, but never seemed able to start: write a book. After recognizing her fears about the unfamiliar territory, she “just jumped right into the water.” Once she did, she was so excited about the process that she began writing two books!

The first, “Set for Life,” is a memoir that reveals lessons Anicia learned while struggling to find happiness and inner peace. She said, “I hope my story helps other women develop their self-image, confidence, and sense of worth so they can create lives based on following the dreams in their hearts—fearlessly.”

Her second writing inspiration is a romance novel, “For Love or Money,” a narrative that takes the reader on a heartfelt journey, shaped not only by Anicia’s boundless imagination, but her own personal life desires and love experiences. It is a story and a wish birthed into one labor of love. “The beauty of writing fiction is the ability to mold and shape a story and its outcomes any way the writer chooses. Instead of letting my fears or my past choices control me or hold me back, I’m using them to paint my perfect life moving forward, using the unlimited canvas available to writers, dreamers, and doers.”

It is that unlimited canvas and an unlimited spirit that define Anicia, who also is developing Gurls with Game to offer women information on healthy relationships, fashion and classic beauty, entertainment, home décor, and inspiring daily messages. Anicia also will have a Summer 2014 lifestyle column,  “Hollywood Provocateur” in Viva Glam Magazine, in which she’ll talk about women’s self-empowerment, the art of entertaining, and relationship topics.

We salute Anicia Bragg this Women’s History Month!