Absolute Love Publishing YA author Janet McLaughlin dishes on talented teen character Zoey Christopher, psychic abilities, and “Fireworks,” the upcoming second novel in the Soul Sight Mysteries series.

Q: What inspired your Soul Sight Mysteries series? How did the story come to be?

A: I love telling this story. My husband and I published several local magazines. As publisher/editor, I was in the position to do any type of interview I wanted. We had a Body/Mind/Spirit section so I sought out several intuitives that lived in the area. (Sarasota, Florida, has a very active spiritual community.) All of the intuitives I interviewed had issues as teens with their gift. Even their families didn’t believe in them. So they would hide it, or fight it, or even “forget” about their gift, only to embrace it later in life. Their stories were the inspiration for my character, Zoey.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your heroine, Zoey? What makes her special, and what do you love about her?

A: Zoey Christopher is the girl I always wanted to be. Imagine having the ability to help people by “seeing” the potential future and doing all you can to stave off danger and save the day. (I say “potential” because our free will means everything on earth is subject to change.) I admire her innate honesty with herself and others, her kindness, and her humility—all things I strive for and so often fall short of accomplishing. But I can do all things through Zoey!


Read the full interview to learn more about Janet and what’s inside her “character cupcake.” Want to know more about Zoey’s latest adventure? Click here for the “Fireworks” book page.

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