Absolute Love Publishing is excited to announce the paperback version of Adima Rising is here! Get ready to hold 235 pages of adventure, self-discovery, and ancient mysticism rolled into an exciting, modern-day journey of light versus dark.

This YA fantasy follows four teens as they make the discovery of a lifetime: they are Light Weavers, ancient Adima beings who can create strands of light through their intentional actions. As Adima, they are tasked to use their powers to fight the evil Kroledutz – the darkness that threatens their world’s very existence.

Rich characters, such as a timeless Native American guide, diverse family situations, and vivid imagery make this novel an ideal read not only for YA readers, but for adults, too.

Adima Rising author Steve Schatz created this debut novel from his own experiences growing up in New Mexico, interweaving his personal spiritual guidance. Steve is penning book two of The Adima Chronicles.

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