Women_Will_Save_the_WorldJennifer Buffett, President of NoVo Foundation, has endorsed Women Will Save the World

“At a time when it is clear that life and business as usual is leading us towards collective calamity, we search for signs and wisdom that can help us imagine a new world and tell ourselves a new story. If women are to help lead the world towards a more just, peaceful, and abundant future, what is it that lives in women that holds these keys? What might live in us that we haven’t considered as sources of strength and ingenuity that could support our coming together in unity to co-create and birth a new earth? Women always have been at one with birth and renewal, and Mother Nature shows us that the life cycles of the seed, from blossom to death to re-birth, are part of our universal reality. Caroline Shearer’s Women Will Save the World provides us with the inspiration and imagination we need– and shows us that much of it has been living within us all along, like a powerful seed in a verdant garden, waiting to blossom into its divine splendor.” 

The NoVo Foundation is dedicated to making grants to U.S. organizations based on a few very specific initiatives focused on Ending Violence Against Girls and Women and Promoting Gender Equity Worldwide; Empowering Adolescent Girls in the Developing World; and Advancing Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in the U.S. (NoVo is Latin for “to change, alter, invent”). Jennifer works alongside her husband Peter Buffett, Warren Buffett’s son, to improve “the status and well-being of girls and women worldwide who too often suffer from violence, poverty, and discrimination simply because they are female.”

As President, Jennifer Buffett passionately works to empower girls and women all over the globe and to end the violence and exploitation against them. She co-chairs the foundation’s board with Peter and she is also on the board of the Nike Foundation. She has also collaborated with Bill and Melinda Gates (the Gates Foundation) on philanthropic endeavors.

In September 2008, Jennifer and Peter received the Clinton Global Citizen Award for their “visionary leadership and sustainable, scalable work in solving pressing global challenges.” Former President Bill Clinton presented the award, commending the couple for affecting “real, positive change” for women all over the world.

In December 2009, Jennifer and Peter were named in Barron’s list of top 25 most effective philanthropists.