Did you know that positive self-talk can change your body?

“Perhaps you’ve made a decision to become healthier. Or to lose weight. Maybe you start each New Year or birthday year with big dreams and goals to be your best self. But, despite your best intentions, eventually, you make a mistake, trend backward, or give up the goal. What happens then?

Unfortunately, many people resort to negative self-talk. While a tough-love approach might help some situations temporarily, often our self-talk crosses the line into thoughts that bring us down and create further conflict in our bodies, minds, and souls.”

Learn how you can use self-talk to boost your positivity in “How Positive Self-Talk Can Change Your Body” by Michelle Hastie, exclusively in ALOVEDLIFE volume 2, an evergreen book-magazine by Absolute Love Publishing featuring stories on Intentional Living, Elevated Action, Conscious Connection, and Sacred Self Care. Learn about all the editions here.