“A few years ago, the Law of Attraction seemed to be everywhere all at once. I saw books and magazines on the subject, plus movies and a TV show. If it had been in the world of fashion, the Law of Attraction would have been the new ‘It’ bag of the season.

I admit, I was intrigued. What a concept: If you put positive energy into the universe, you’ll get it back! If you think it, it will come. It sounded simple enough. Why not try it? Little did I know that the Law of Attraction would change life as I knew it …”

Read “Divine Timing: A Soulmate’s Journey” by Nicole Kovalcik, exclusively in ALOVEDLIFE volume 1, a timeless bookazine by Absolute Love Publishing featuring stories on Intentional Living, Elevated Action, Conscious Connection, and Sacred Self Care. Learn about all the editions here.

divine timing