“Some people see life as an adventure, while others see it as a scary ride. I’ve learned it can be both, but it doesn’t have to be. The spirit of our journey is our choice to make, and it all centers on how uplifted we are by self-love.

Self-love doesn’t come easily to all of us, especially later in life. Traumas and heartbreak sometimes turn us away from ourselves, or life’s events cause us to learn to place other people’s needs in front of our own. We can get better at loving ourselves, however, by turning our attention toward us through a practice of dedicated self-care.

I left home at a very young age to pursue my dreams of modeling. That taught me how to take care of life, but learning to take care of me was entirely different. In truth, it was a stumbling path at first as I had put so many things ahead of my peace and happiness. But today, I am much better at coping with whatever trials come my way, because I utilize a daily self-care practice that keeps me sure-footed along my journey.”

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