“Have you ever ‘flipped your lid’? You know, had one of those times when you became so overwhelmed that you responded to someone or something with seemingly irrational levels of intense emotion and lost all ability to stay connected to the moment, communicate effectively with others, or engage in effective problem-solving? Of course, you have.

We all have.

But why do we refer to it in such a way? What does it mean? How does it happen? And are we destined to be overwhelmed by such instances or can we learn to use the messages our body and brain send us in these moments to find meaning, peace, and purpose in our daily lives?”

Read “Don’t Flip Your Lid: Learning to Ride an Emotional Wave” by Krystal Akin, exclusively in ALOVEDLIFE volume 4, a timeless bookazine by Absolute Love Publishing featuring stories on Intentional Living, Elevated Action, Conscious Connection, and Sacred Self Care. Learn about all the editions here.