We’re pleased to announce that Divas That Care has added many of Absolute Love Publishing’s books to its online bookstore! We give a big thanks for Divas’ constant support and appreciate all it has done to support the books published by Absolute Love Publishing, including frequently interviewing our authors as well as inspiring women and girls from across the world.

Divas That Care has been featured in all three volumes of Absolute Love Publishing’s ALOVEDLIFE. Divas That Care, founded by Candace Gish, is “an engaged community of women creating positive change in the world and sharing their experiences as a way to support and uplift each other.” In ALOVEDLIFE Volume 1, Gish says that women are powerful. “Once we start to believe in ourselves and our purpose, we start projecting that belief, and this creates a catalyst ripple effect: when you affect that one person and then all these other things happen. I love connecting with women who have big goals and dreams and who want to make a difference.” In volume 3, Gish speaks about how “some online connections are amazing and life-altering, but some — like the perpetual negativity found in a few online support groups or unleashed on various anonymous platforms — are bad for the spirit.” Gish, along with the rest of the Divas, spread the belief that it is best to limit time spent on social media platforms to get the benefits from social media without the negative effects harming our spirit.

We hope you will take a moment to peruse the Divas that Care online bookstore here, and join the Divas that Care community here.

Also, take some time to listen to some of the Divas that Care interviews with Absolute Love Publishing authors:

Sarah Hackley
Jean Brannon
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