Michelle Hastie, author of “The Weight Loss Shift: Be More, Weigh Less,” wins over another reader and receives a five-star book review!

“The Weight Loss Shift is not your typical diet book: in fact, there are no recipes or food plans between its covers! Instead, think of this book as the game-changer that you need to get yourself in the headspace to tackle your eating issues once and for all.”

“Michelle doesn’t tackle basic topics that we already know, such as what to eat and not to eat (we all know that an apple is a healthier snack than a candy bar!) Instead, she focuses on helping us examine crucial topics such as how our subconscious mind impacts our perception of who we are and how we eat and the differences in how ideal and overweight people eat (even when both are eating emotionally).”

Read the full review here for more on how Michelle can help you change your thoughts and habits to inspire weight loss in a brand new way – one that stays off for good!

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