Divas that Care podcast host Candace Gish sat down with Author and Absolute Love Publishing Editor Sarah Hackley to talk about her personal writing tips, as well as how we can become our best selves and claim our magnificence.

Hackley, who has “always wanted to do something to help other people,” also said she was “born writing.” She said her favorite part of being an editor is that she gets to help bring authors’ visions to life.

One of Hackley’s books, Finding Happiness with Migraines, goes into detail about how people with chronic migraines or other chronic conditions can take charge of their bodies, minds, emotions, and health. The book was based on her experiences learning to take control of her life again after intense migraines started to interfere with it. Another book, Preparing to Fly: Financial Freedom from Domestic Abuse, prepares women to chart a new direction. Hackley also edits and writes for Absolute Love Publishing’s hybrid magazine, ALOVEDLIFE.

Hackley can be contacted about her freelance editing services at www.sarahhackley.com.

Listen to the full Divas that Care interview here.