Women’s History Month: Voices from Women Will Save the World

There are countless articles pointing out the incredible work ethics and selfless acts of women. Let’s face it, ladies, we are amazing. We may be juggling the roles of mom, wife, daughter, businesswoman, health nut, accountant, and many more. And, for some of us, this may be going very well, with self-care at the top of our priority list.

For most of us, however, in order to wear all these hats, something has to fall to the bottom. Unfortunately, this usually becomes our own needs and self-care. And to top it off, most women have a deep shame trigger surrounding perfectionism and body image. So on top of wearing all those hats — you better not mess up, and you better look like a supermodel while you do it!

Well, listen up, ladies:

I give you permission to be imperfect.

I give you permission to have messy hair.

I give you permission to have a soft body.

I give you permission to have curves.

Most of all, I give you permission to take care of yourself.

Who the heck am I, you ask? Just a fellow hat juggler who has learned to put herself at the top of the list in order to maintain balance and sanity.

I am, however, an extremely imperfect person. 

I fail all the time.

I have yogurt and baby spit up in my hair sometimes.

And I don’t have a six pack.

Here’s a thought: What if you focused on taking care of yourself because you want to take care of yourself? 

What do I mean?

Instead of working out to be healthy or to harden your body, you work out because it feels good to move, and not even particularly fast if you don’t want to. You move because you’re alive and you can.

Instead of choosing foods for health or to shrink your curves, you choose food that makes you feel nourished and fulfilled. Not because you heard it’s the new “superfood,” but because it makes you feel energized and full.

What if you let go of the idea of doing things perfectly? I’ve got news for you … nobody is truly doing things perfectly (even if their Facebook page says they are!)

How about we set a new example for feminine, authentic living?

Be the courageous one who admits you aren’t perfect and who doesn’t want to pretend to be. Be vulnerable, moving past the idea that vulnerability is weakness or that imperfection is shameful. 

Here’s the deal: If we believe being imperfect is failure, then all we see is our failure. We miss the million moments each day where we are a resounding success at embodying the beautiful and unique and daring and loving creatures we are.

We are all in the same boat. It’s time we admit we don’t always know how to paddle – and that it’s okay! In our authenticity, we give the lady next to us permission to say, “Me, too!” 

Michelle Hastie is a weight loss coach with a background in personal training, food psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and yoga. She has been blessed with the gift of transforming lives, one body at a time, through Total Body Health Solutions.

Hastie also helps people learn about and love their bodies through her Absolute Love Publishing books, “The Weight Loss Shift: Be More, Weigh Less” and “The Chakra Secret: What Your Body Is Telling You.” In addition, she is a contributor to “Women Will Save the World.”