Finding_Happiness_with_MigrainesDo you have monthly, weekly, or even daily migraines? Do you feel lonely or isolated, or like you are constantly worrying about the next impending migraine? Is the weight of living with migraines dampening your enjoyment of the “now”?

Absolute Love Publishing author Sarah Hackley understands. She was in the depths of migraine darkness until she found her way through chronic migraine to a place of light – and happiness. Hackley, who was featured in another Absolute Love Publishing book, “Women Will Save the World,” wrote “Finding Happiness with Migraines: a Do It Yourself Guide” to “offer hope to sufferers of what can be a wholly disheartening disease.”

In this min-e-book™, Hackley shows you how to take charge of your body, your mind, your emotions, and your health by practicing simple, achievable steps to create a daily life filled with more joy, appreciation, and confidence.

“If you read about migraine, you hear the same things over and over again: figure out your triggers, avoid them, and take your medication. But, what do you do when those things don’t work?” asked Hackley. “Many anecdotes and studies seem to imply there’s nothing left to do at that point except give in to a life ruled by depression, constant pain, and ever-increasing migraine attacks. My own journey showed that there was another option, and I wanted to share that option with others.”

Hackley brings to the forefront several new thought philosophies, including the role of intuition, taking charge of your own therapy, why you should throw away your daily migraine journal, and even yoga poses to help with migraines.

“No one should feel helpless and hopeless, and I wanted to alleviate those feelings in my readers and offer a chance for peace,” said Hackley, who also points out that the tips in her book are helpful for those in the grips of any chronic illness.

Learn more about Hackley’s journey and the wealth of knowledge she has gained through that journey in “Finding Happiness with Migraines: a Do It Yourself Guide.” Buy a copy today from Amazon or B&N!